#MyPersonalStyle : The Shift Dress

This is one classic unstructured dress that falls straight from the shoulder, has no darts, little or no side contouring, and is designed not to be worn with a belt. It never worked before when I was lean now I go for it for that smart relaxed casual look.

Tunic dress

The warm colours obviously

jeggings and shift dress

the side view

shift dress

Another side to my dress

I opted for flats since I knew there will be a lot of moving around. It looks great in soft fabrics.

If you are a pear shaped/triangle this one is for you especially with sleeves this length to create the hourglass balanced body.


The Refined Lady

It has been a while  of no sharing, Well, long story short; I gained weight (UK6 to UK10!). I am not even complaining! For once I’m able to buy most clothes of my clothes off the store and wear them without altering. It was always a battle to find clothes that are ready made and fit. Either waist fit and length didn’t, or length fits but waist didn’t. I also cut my dreads and started new ones. I wanted to try something different. (owai! it didn’t materialise) I know right. Once a locstar, always! anyways, I’ve decided to create a category here to share some of my looks and how I put together some of my outfits. I will if available, also add links where you can buy them.

Below is my favourite LBD – two looks

pringle black dress

Dress from Woolworths and Pringle Jacket



The second look is same black dress, OldKhaki Leather Jacket and Green Cross Shoes

Moved from professional to casual with just a change of the jacket.

Ways to wear #BoyfriendJeans

Ways to wear #BoyfriendJeans

H M long sleeve top
$24 – hm.com

Peplum shirt

Cropped jacket
$57 – amazon.co.uk

River Island distressed jeans
$65 – riverisland.com

River Island slim jeans
$65 – riverisland.com

Jigsaw pointy toe shoes
$110 – jigsaw-online.com

Brown purse

MANGO zipper purse
$49 – johnlewis.com

Backpacks bag

Prada glasses

River Island hat
$45 – riverisland.com

My Favourite Ten #wardrobe items

My Favourite Ten #wardrobe items


1. Black Pencil Dress: every gal needs a black dress. any shape that flatters your body shape.

2. Leather jacket: This one transforms any look I try.. either adding or toning down the look but still remains perfect

3. Teal Blazer: A well fitted Teal blazer. The colour is versatile it suits most if not all the colours in my wardrobe 🙂

4. Tank tops: You can never have too many tank tops

5. Shoes: Nude Pumps, loafers, pumps in that popping colour you like and of course the ultimate cool kid converse snesker

6. Headgear: I keep dreadlocks so on a bad hair day a beannie, beret or scarve save the day.

7. Scarves: Loads!! heavy winter ones and light ones to accessorize.

8. Denim: Bootleg and high waisted skinny jeans I so love.

9. Accessores: These would include cocktail rings, studs, necklaces, wrist watch and bracelets.

10. BAGS: A tote definitely and a clutch