Colour Analysis

Colour swatch and A4 bookConfused which colours suit you best?

Wearing your BEST range of colours will make you look younger, healthier, vibrant and energetic while unflattering colours can make you look older ill, exhausted or dull.

Through a sophisticated colour consultation we will determine the most suitable colours for you. Instead of wearing what you like, you’ll love what you’re wearing. A colour analysis allows you to wear a larger range of colours – confidently, also encouraging you to wear colours you’ve never tried wearing before, and almost immediately you’ll be glowing in these choices!

At the end of the consultation, client gets:

  1. Colour swatch – contains your 60 best colours, fits in your handbag!
  2. Colour booklet – contains all information discussed in the consultation.
  3. Colour swatch bag – to protect your swatch

The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good, on you! – Coco Chanel

Your Investment: BWP1100


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