A Refined Shoot

Last month I styled a shoot for two beautiful women in Technology business. For someone who loves technology and fashion, this was an enjoyable and fun shoot. Here are some of the pictures from the shoot.


IMG_9123 IMG_8796 IMG_9079 IMG_9039 IMG_9084 IMG_9092

The link for the feature : http://pristinemag.com/?p=7123


Ways to wear #BoyfriendJeans

Ways to wear #BoyfriendJeans

H M long sleeve top
$24 – hm.com

Peplum shirt

Cropped jacket
$57 – amazon.co.uk

River Island distressed jeans
$65 – riverisland.com

River Island slim jeans
$65 – riverisland.com

Jigsaw pointy toe shoes
$110 – jigsaw-online.com

Brown purse

MANGO zipper purse
$49 – johnlewis.com

Backpacks bag

Prada glasses

River Island hat
$45 – riverisland.com

Shirts Tied Around The Waist

I’m no slave of fashion trends but I don’t turn a blind eye either. The trick is to understand what works for you and adopt to you personal style. Know whats happening so as to know what to add to your wardrobe to remain current. .

Just like the Loafers without socks trend that I so loved I cant help but  love the 90’s trend shirts around waist especially tartan/plaid. Its got the cool styling trick it adds to the look.

You can wrap it around shorts, dresses leggings or however. Below are images of the looks of how one can wrap it up! 🙂 Amber Rose   Not too late to try it. Nice to be a season late from US countries 🙂

My Favourite Ten #wardrobe items

My Favourite Ten #wardrobe items


1. Black Pencil Dress: every gal needs a black dress. any shape that flatters your body shape.

2. Leather jacket: This one transforms any look I try.. either adding or toning down the look but still remains perfect

3. Teal Blazer: A well fitted Teal blazer. The colour is versatile it suits most if not all the colours in my wardrobe 🙂

4. Tank tops: You can never have too many tank tops

5. Shoes: Nude Pumps, loafers, pumps in that popping colour you like and of course the ultimate cool kid converse snesker

6. Headgear: I keep dreadlocks so on a bad hair day a beannie, beret or scarve save the day.

7. Scarves: Loads!! heavy winter ones and light ones to accessorize.

8. Denim: Bootleg and high waisted skinny jeans I so love.

9. Accessores: These would include cocktail rings, studs, necklaces, wrist watch and bracelets.

10. BAGS: A tote definitely and a clutch