#MyPersonalStyle : Corporate style (How to get away with bad hair)

What do you do when you have to go to work but your hair is a mess? Well I won’t let that spoil my day or whole outfit. Grabbed a scarf, searched on YouTube ways to tie creatively head wraps and voila away good, no wait GREAT to go. I used a scarf with colours in my outfit for the day. It matched the shoes, skirt and jacket and yep I got compliments and even forgot about the messy hair. 🙂 Don’t despair, theres always a way.




Make sure the way you tie your headgear is subtle to fit a corporate environment. Don’t go overboard and do all sorts of artistic wraps. Have fun

Scarf: eBay, Shoes: Woolworths_sa, Skirt and Jacket: Foschini


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