Your BEST Colours 

There are those colors that will always catch your eye when buying clothes. Not that it’s a bad thing to have a favorite color 🙈. I’m a such a sucker for ALL shades of brown. I will gladly wear brown head to toe if I have to. I was glad when I did my colour analysis and found out most colours that suits my skin tone were Browns. 

I am a warm and muted and have a colour swatch I use now and then when I do my shopping. It has 60 different colours that will look good on me. There are 12 different results for the colour analysis. Everyone unique for every skin type. You should get yours too 😉



  My warm and muted colour swatch

This past weekend I attended a women afternoon event and dress code was “a dress and a hat” nothing specified about the dress so I had no problem with that. I usually have a problem with the typical floral dresses associated with women afternoon garden events because I don’t do flowers, rather trees and leaves. I had my dress ready and weather decided otherwise


   teal dress with hearts details

It rained and was cold  so I had to make last minute changes to my dress. I couldn’t wear a sleeveless one so I went to my favorite combination of black and brown. Black is not my best colour and is not even in my swatch so I had to pair it with a colour that suits me. The switch was easy, changed only the dress and left accessories 


  Showed up in black and brown

Find that colour which works and let it rescue you. Always 😊 Like Coco Chanel quote “The best colour in the world is one that looks good on you”

Note: “that’s a beautiful orange dress” and “that orange dress looks great on you” are two diferent statements  



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