My Favourite Ten #wardrobe items

My Favourite Ten #wardrobe items


1. Black Pencil Dress: every gal needs a black dress. any shape that flatters your body shape.

2. Leather jacket: This one transforms any look I try.. either adding or toning down the look but still remains perfect

3. Teal Blazer: A well fitted Teal blazer. The colour is versatile it suits most if not all the colours in my wardrobe 🙂

4. Tank tops: You can never have too many tank tops

5. Shoes: Nude Pumps, loafers, pumps in that popping colour you like and of course the ultimate cool kid converse snesker

6. Headgear: I keep dreadlocks so on a bad hair day a beannie, beret or scarve save the day.

7. Scarves: Loads!! heavy winter ones and light ones to accessorize.

8. Denim: Bootleg and high waisted skinny jeans I so love.

9. Accessores: These would include cocktail rings, studs, necklaces, wrist watch and bracelets.

10. BAGS: A tote definitely and a clutch


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