Events and Dress Code

I love music ♪, I love dressing up, going out and obviously looking good. I can even go alone to watch my favorite band if I have to. I am no perfectionist but there are certain elements I feel must never be compromised on when hosting events.

Will mention two I’ve observed locally (Gaborone)

1. Being Late: On personal instances, arriving late at whatever the occasion no matter the reason makes you look bad. It’s even worse when you try explaining why. The correct conduct or courtesy would be to let the person you appointed with well IN TIME you are running late so they can also do something with their time.
That being sad, the common one I’ve seen in local events I been to is even the hosts/ organizers are late!! What I still don’t get is why people who came ON TIME have to wait for someone who hasn’t even RSVP’d. “A re eme eme gongwe ba tla tla” (Chick please, Bomang? I’m here) I’d TRY and understand if it’s a small party with close tolerant friends. Inexcusable if you paid!!!! The event runs late and no one bothers telling you what is going on … When you complain or try finding out why the delay you labeled a hater! Gatwe motho wa bo a rata dilo to expect this courtesy for services they paid for. I choose not to complain but some events organisers need to take their work seriously. It’s like when you paid they now don’t care what happens to you.

Another thing
2. Dress code: what’s the point of including a theme/dress code if it’s not monitored? I’ve seen people at Black tie events wearing sneakers!!! Nxu stru.. high tea with jeans and still admitted into the event…this is why I say hosts don’t care what happens as long as they got your money. You arrive, no one gets to usher you to your table if any. They will only see when you not in the right one to remove you to yours. There are however decent places where one could get better service. Feel free to name any cause I might be hanging at wrong places.

That’s just my observation!

“Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.” – William Shakespeare


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